About the Author

Kirk Howell

Although a first-time published author, Kirk Howell has done quite a bit of writing in his life.  Air Traffic Control (ATC), Kirk’s former career, has its own national “Bible” if you will, the “Point 65”.  Locally written procedures, which each and every ATC facility creates, must comply with the “Point 65”.  In addition to “working the boards”, as they say when controlling traffic, Kirk became a specialist in automation, plans and procedures, and training.  These “callings”, if you will, led him to devote a great deal of time and energy to writing, creating, and teaching.  In hindsight, all that experience served him well for this endeavor.  Subconsciously, though years had passed, when God gave him the desire to “delve deep”, that “schooling” came to the forefront.

Kirk and his wife Jackie live in Sparks, NV.  They have six children and ten grandchildren.  Both Kirk and Jackie enjoy cycling and camping.  Kirk’s other hobbies lean towards the microbial realm (sourdough, composting, compost tea brewing, and more).  Jackie is a professional quilter of high regard.